While that vote was unanimous, Quinn’s initial choice for the job was not.

Earlier in December, a divided council chose Quinn over Robert Becker, the current second alternate zoning council member, after closed-door talks with the two and another candidate. Divisions over board appointments are extremely unusual in Ocean City.

Contacted on Wednesday, Buck declined to say more about his public comments.

City Councilor Peter Madden supported Becker for his reappointment. When asked after the meeting if he thought politics played a role in the council’s decision, he replied “absolutely”.

Political considerations, including preparations for the mayoral race, are playing an increasing role in board decisions, including board appointments, according to Madden.

“It moves away from the interests of Ocean City and turns to personal interests and political interests,” Madden said Wednesday.

Contacted the same day, Hartzell denied that politics played a role in his vote on the board nomination.

“We interview everyone and we all make a selection,” Hartzell said.

At Monday’s meeting, city councilor Tom Rotondi denied that politics played a role in the appointment of the zoning council.