No discussion of US involvement in the UK press, sounds like another outlandish conspiracy theory. Why would the US even do such a thing, nothing to gain

U.S. officials PROVE they did crazy things (E.g. Epselon reading messages belonging to NATO friendly prime ministers, supported even DICTATORS AGAINST democracy, screwed up TWICE in Iraq. DID “reason” to attack the second time with Junior Bush as president by his father had screwed up the first time when there was a reason…)
It is therefore not strange that there are conspiracy theories saying that American officials did something horrible.

For example, I’ve had two links sent to me in the past few days. Not this one but this one is in English and on the same subject (the attack on the World Trade Center by the United States with explosives was set up to obtain a “reason” to start a war against “terrorists to help Israel TAKE the land and water resources.) 9/11 after 21 years |

NOT proven from what I know, but make sense, regarding Ukraine, the link I got was not in English either, but I guess anyone interested can find a link stating that the United States United are behind Ukraine talked about joining the European Union and NATO which made Putin feel he had tried to stop him from attacking Ukraine to avoid nuclear bombs being stationed very near Moscow. Compare The United States nearly started World War III by stopping Soviet ships in INTERNATIONAL waters when they attempted to get to Cuba. So BOTH sides were equally guilty at the time but in reverse order…
The US was successful with Ukraine because Russia has a very bad reputation for it AND didn’t push STUPID politicians in Sweden and Finland into wanting to join NATO. (Sweden – after being a superpower hundreds of years ago – got tired of wars 200 years ago and has tried to stay out of wars since pretending to be neutral – until now. And the stupidity of swedish politicians is more than that.before nato talks they added money to swedish army as if it stop the risk if putin send nukes to hit sweden!!!.putin got grumpy because Sweden helped Ukraine with weapons.)

BUT unlike the link I had, I don’t believe the US succeeded in creating an energy crisis in Western Europe, I think it was a SIDE EFFECT, because the US LOSE economically if Europe has a bad economy. OR the American instigators didn’t think of it :)