But things to consider that you haven’t mentioned so far:

  • the languages ​​you speak and the cultures you already know or have some experience with

I speak Arabic and am familiar with Libyan and Egyptian culture. But these cultures are heavily influenced by religion and I’m not always comfortable with that. I don’t know much about Arabic-speaking work in non-Arab countries.

  • the transferability of the qualifications you have (hint: teaching qualifications are generally not very transferable)

I have studied the question. US Department of Defense jobs require teaching certification from my local state. I contacted a school in Dubai and they asked for the same. My understanding is that most international schools prefer at least teaching certification.

  • it can be difficult to find the “expat communities” you seem to want to find – for various reasons

This is a concern, as I would need someone to help me understand the local environment at least initially. If I find a job at an international school or as an ESL teacher, I imagine I will have colleagues who can help me.

  • public transport is a tricky issue in many countries – in the big cities yes of course, but if you want to go out in the more rural areas which are usually quite non-existent

I’m only interested in cities.

When it comes to dating women, focus on the local language, make lots of money (hint: not teaching, which is not well paid in most countries).

The local language is something I like to learn despite everything. And as long as I’m financially stable, I don’t see a problem. That’s why I research the cost of living in various countries; to make sure I can do what I’m doing well.

In your other threats, international schools, TESOL and international organizations/NGOs were mentioned.

Have you searched for vacancies in any of these directions?

The only other thing that comes to mind is teaching at these American high schools on American military bases overseas. I have no idea of ​​the requirements for such positions, however.

EDIT: They seem to be hiring:

I have looked at all of these options. I’m trying to find out which countries are the best options in terms of cost of living, work/life balance, public transport and social life for these types of jobs.

I looked in the Department of Defense: they require a teacher certification from a US state. They also prefer experience, but they are more flexible in this regard depending on their needs.

I finished my graduate program, but I fell a bit behind on my teacher certification. My condition just made some changes, and it took some time to find a time slot to schedule an exam. I recently completed this exam, but am awaiting the results. All I have to do now is submit my application for certification, but apparently it can take 3-4 months to process.

Appreciate the link. Thanks.