You may have heard the term VPN before and never really knew what it is and how it can help you.

A virtual private network, or VPN for short, is becoming increasingly popular around the world for people looking to protect themselves online. With so much wickedness online, internet security is more important than ever, especially with the amount of information we have online. Banking, shopping, saving, investing and more is happening online more than ever and the thought of someone getting your information is a very daunting possibility.

A VPN is a server that your device connects to, encrypting your data and preventing hackers from accessing your device as it takes them down a nice path to nowhere. Protect yourself, your device and your data.

You can connect a VPN to PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android and any other device you like. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your internet is not exposed to these hackers.

Most VPNs are now very easy to use and most simply require payment and downloading to your device.

Here at Tadavpn.com, we do slightly different things to make things easier for you!

Basically, we place the VPN in an easy-to-use specialized router that we send to you, it connects to your home router, and off you go! Then just connect any device in your home to the VPN router and Ta-Da! VPN on your device!

Not only do VPNs protect you, your devices, and your data, but they also unlock huge potential, like geoblocked TV content that you wouldn’t typically be able to access in your country.

Do not hesitate to ask questions!