A short agenda left plenty of time for discussion at a meeting of the Winnebago Economic Development Authority (EDA) held on Wednesday, July 13.

After reviewing finances, the EDA Board of Directors awarded an outside business grant to Chasten and Amy Fenger, owners of the Winnebago Chiropractic Clinic.

The Fengers want to renovate the flat rubber roof that has overlooked the clinic since 1956. They explained in their application that the roof is leaking and that the steel trim no longer holds the rubber properly.

They plan to put new rubber on the roof, as well as trim. They will also repair any material under the roof that is rotten or deteriorated and replace insulation.

An estimate from Patten Roofing indicates that the cost of the proposed project will be $12,500.

Because the EDA’s Commercial Exterior Grant Program has a cap of $6,000 per applicant per year, the Winnebago EDA awarded the Fengers $6,000 in funds to use for their roof renovation project. .

That leaves $29,000 in commercial outdoor grant funds to be distributed by the EDA this year.

After awarding the grant, the Winnebago EDA moved the discussion to the issue of child care.

EDA specialist Angie Stier reported what she learned at a recent Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) child care meeting.

“Our next steps include updating potential needs in the region in line with the daycare,” Stier explained, adding that the EDA must also assess community inventory of potential spaces that could be used for child care.

Stier noted a new trend in child care that she thinks might work for Winnebago.

“There is an upcoming trend for child care to use a family license in a commercial building,” she explained. “It’s the same license you would use to run (a daycare) at home, but you don’t have to do it at home.”

Stier said a city-owned building could qualify for such a center. The city would act as lessor for the home-based provider, but the provider would manage the center itself.

The EDA board was interested in Stier’s idea.

“It’s a pig with lipstick on it”EDA board member Doug Hill said.

“If so, it’s a beautiful pig,”Steve replied

In other cases, EDA Winnebago:

• Received an update on the demolition of the SuperValu building. Stier shared that the project is now complete.

Stier also suggested it would be a good idea to put up signage indicating what the property is and the fact that it is for sale.

• Received a reminder that the Winnebago Hall of Fame Reception for Ray Masters will take place on Saturday, July 16 at 2:00 p.m.

• I learned from Stier that the Small Town SMIF grant application has been submitted. The app is asking for $2,940 in funds from SMIF to partially cover the cost of creating a marketing video for the city.