Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed a lot in previous threads, but those were old threads, so I thought of creating a new one.

In December 2019 I got the 190 visa (NSW nominated) – I returned to Australia in February 2020 (a week before the first COVID lockdown).

When I first came to VIC in 2020 I emailed NSW and told them about the COVID situation and I couldn’t find a job in NSW so I stayed at VIC – their response was:

“We understand and appreciate your current situation and as such are not forcing you to relocate to New South Wales. You have a permanent visa which allows you to live and work across Australia.

However, please note that NSW has nominated you in good faith, you will come to NSW and actively contribute to our economy. NSW Business & Skilled Migration does not offer release letters. All reasonable attempts should be made to live and work in New South Wales.

Fast forward today, I resided in VIC and did not move to NSW. As such 2 years have already passed and NSW hasn’t sent me any follow up emails asking why I didn’t move to stay and live in NSW for my first 2 years.

I also got a full time job here at VIC, it will be difficult to relocate. Also, the cost of living in NSW is much higher than in VIC, I may not be able to afford my cost of living there, especially renting in NSW.

As the COVID situation has improved currently and NSW is not offering a letter or release, I am concerned and worried about what will happen after my 190 visa ends, will there be any difficulties to renew ? Also, I don’t quite understand how the RRV works – can this “travel validity” be denied if I haven’t fulfilled my “moral” obligation to stay 2 years to the state government of NSW?

Appreciate if there is anyone here who has been through a similar situation and could share.

Thanks in advance.