The Alpena Township Board of Directors demonstrates that it is not only disconnected from its constituents, but that it is neglecting its duties.

Having no contingency plan except putting the same defeated proposal back on the ballot and hoping it passes with no plan on what to do if it doesn’t is guaranteed that voters will question the council’s judgment. Proposing a three percent mileage that would bring in $1.1 million a year after rejecting a $400,000 a year proposal from the Alpena Fire Department made little sense the first time it was proposed and will not make sense in November.

Administrators need to go back to the drawing board and at least explore alternatives, including further discussions with the city fire department, a more modest increase in mileage, or perhaps a combination of the two, before proceeding. trying again to impose a steep tax increase on residents who are already struggling with inflation.

I predict that this proposal will lose by an even bigger margin in November and will also cause some elected officials to lose votes in the next election.



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