punishments Gas will not be part of the EU’s next Russian sanctions package

The European Union is preparing a seventh sanctions package against Moscow, but it is already clear that it will not curb imports of Russian gas because too many member states still depend on it, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala has said. Among the measures in the new sanctions package are a ban on gold imports, a broader list of dual-use items banned from export to Russia and more sanctions targeted at individuals. The Czech Republic, which took over the EU’s rotating six-month presidency on July 1, is one of those countries that depends on Russia for almost all of its gas needs.

sickness Czechia has 12 cases of monkeypox, 11 in Prague

Public health officials have confirmed the 12th case of monkeypox in the Czech Republic. While 11 cases are in Prague, the last of which, one is in the Ústí region. Most infected people are between 30 and 35 years old. The last infected person showed symptoms such as painful urination, rashes and blisters on parts of the body as well as fever in early July.

The Czech Health Ministry said last week that the European Commission had acquired monkeypox vaccines and that the Czech Republic would receive 2,800 doses. Global vaccination is not planned at this time. The country will keep vaccines in case the situation worsens and provide them to people in risk groups.

events The Colors of Ostrava festival has started

Organizers have previously said around 90% of the site’s capacity is sold out, with estimated past visitor numbers around 40,000. Among this year’s top stars are bands The Killers, Twenty One Pilots, Martin Garrix and LP. On Wednesday evening, the group Cirk La Putyka performed with students from the Academy of Theater and Circus Arts in Kyiv. Their ten-minute number was part of the opening ceremony.

economy Minister of Agriculture: food prices will fall

Food prices in national stores are soaring, but according to the Minister of Agriculture Zdenko Nekula, they are falling sharply on world stock exchanges, and people will see the effect in stores in two or three weeks. However, MP Karel Tureček of the opposition ANO movement is not so optimistic and favors regulating the prices of basic foodstuffs. He believes rising energy prices will drive up food prices.

Politics Ex-PM Babiš must apologize to protesters, court says

Former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, leader of the opposition movement ANO, must apologize for saying protesters were paid for their demonstrations against his government in 2018, the Prague Regional Court ruled today. The judgment is final. The complaint was filed by Jana Filipová, who was among the protesters. In late August 2019, Babiš told commercial TV channel Barrandov TV that the people who booed him in 2018 were hired by political opponents. Babiš’s lawyers said he would respect the final verdict, even if he disagreed with it.

phenomenon Czech skies will be lit up by the biggest moon of the year

You can catch the biggest and brightest full moon of the year tonight. The male moon will rise at 9:38 p.m. in the southeastern sky and will be visible until 5:14 a.m. tomorrow morning. If conditions are clear, the moon should have a reddish glow as it rises. It will be 16% brighter and 6% larger than the average full moon. It’s the third supermoon of the year. The last will be the Sturgeon Moon on August 12. Supermoons occur when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit, according to Space.com.

AWARD Prague Wins Prestigious Global Data Oscar Award

The Institute of Planning and Development in Prague (IPR Praha) won the President’s Award from geographic data company Esri at a conference in San Diego. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of data and geography, and it has been compared to the Oscar of cinema. Prague was praised for its long-term work on data and its use for urban planning and to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Animals Prague zoo welcomes baby Cape anteater

A baby Cape anteater was born at Prague Zoo on Sunday shortly after 9 a.m. The three-day-old is already active and drinking milk from his mother, Kvída. After birth, he weighed 1,450 grams and was 54 cm long. Zoo director Miroslav Bobek said the sex of the “little rascal” will not be known until a DNA test has been carried out. Anteaters are difficult to breed and the mother should be supervised for several days after giving birth to ensure that she does not injure the baby by accident. The zoo said Kvída, who has already raised three cubs, has taken good care of the baby so far. The mother and baby are not yet on public display.