I have always thought that moving to Spain as a young family is a huge decision. It will shape your children a lot. Obviously, your kids will be young enough to attend public schools, so they’ll be fluent in Spanish by the time they enter high school, but they’ll likely be learning to read and write in Spanish, not English. Bilingual schools obviously offer both languages ​​and are better in this regard, but they will be quite expensive for 3 children for their entire school term. The other issue is for parents: not speaking Spanish limits your ability to integrate into Spanish culture, which means you remain somewhat of an outsider. Sure, you can live in British enclaves where everyone speaks English, but these are often made up of older people rather than young families and again your children are a bit isolated. Moreover, this type of lifestyle often means that parents rarely learn Spanish. You need to seriously think about it. First ask yourself this question: are you moving for yourself or your children? Often the real answer is for yourself. The weather and the pervasive myths of quiet living in the sun appeal to many British adults. However, many talk about having a better lifestyle as a family, but I’m not sure being away from your culture allows that and kids get bored of beaches and pools very quickly. Immigrants usually travel for work, but that is not usually the case for us – we travel to have a better time – this is unfortunately the truth and it is important to consider how you prioritize this.