For Brits nearing retirement, it might be tempting to move abroad. The World Economic Forum has identified the best countries in the world for retirement.

Panama has been ranked the best country in the world for retirement. The Central American country is one of only three carbon negative countries.

Famous for its navigation channel, Panama also has some of the most beautiful beaches and nature in the world.

Starfish Beach is one of the top attractions in the country and many tourists visit to admire the awesome fish.

A visitor wrote on Tripadvisor: “This is one of the most beautiful beaches I have visited.”


Panama might not be the first place Brits think of when it comes to retiring abroad, but the country has excellent hospitals.

According to the World Economic Forum, the medical supply is easily accessible in most of the country.

Panama also enjoys a warm tropical climate but is rarely affected by hurricanes. Many retired expats choose to live in seaside communities.

Other options include settling in the mountains like in Boquete, a charming postcard town.

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Many expats choose to relocate near Mexico’s resorts and will find much more affordable accommodation than in the UK.

Closer to home, Portugal has also been ranked among the top five countries in the world for retirement.

Portugal has a lower cost of living than the UK and Lisbon is one of the most affordable capitals in Western Europe.

The country also has a low crime rate and excellent golfing opportunities in the southern Algarve region.