Niel Brisley demonstrates a laser pen that projects a grid of laser dots. When investigating a reported ghost site, it is used to see if anything is blocking any part of the dots, indicating that something out of the ordinary may be present.

Thailand may be well known as the Land of Smiles, but the widespread belief in ghosts is just as prevalent. Thus, Thailand appears as a natural place for ghost hunting. Neil Brisley and fellow expat hobbyist ghost hunters Margaret Roche, Tracey Leon and Mickey Savage gave their views on whether or not ghosts exist at the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) meeting on July 20.

Neil explained that his background in the film industry led him to explore the issue of ghosts. When he met Mickey who had a similar interest, they formed their band for themselves and others with a similar interest. He said they don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but recognize that there are out-of-this-world experiences that can point to the existence of ghosts. He and his group usually have a monthly dinner to discuss their interest as well as occasional trips to where ghosts have been reported.

Niel Brisley and his fellow ghost hunters present on a table the different types of equipment they use to detect possible anomalies during their travels. Spectators were welcome to examine the equipment if they wished.

He notes that in their travels they are not really looking for ghosts; rather, they look for anomalies, such as when something makes noise at night but the next morning nothing is out of place. Or their equipment picks up electromagnetic or infrared indications that cannot be easily explained.

To help them in this quest, they use a panoply of scientific equipment originally designed for other uses, but adapted to their needs. They then described the purpose of the equipment they brought with them and what it measures. They then commented on the circumstances that prompted them to make some of their trips and showed video clips of what they found. And no, they didn’t find any ghosts, but they did identify unexplained anomalies.

Neil concluded their presentation by pointing out that he had placed a piece of paper on each table with a QR code to contact them on the Line app. He asked that anyone who has experienced paranormal events in Thailand contact them with information about it.

At the end of the presentations, MC Ren Lexander updated everyone on the latest happenings and hosted the open forum where attendees can make comments or ask questions about expats living in Thailand, especially Pattaya. For more information on the PCEC, visit their website at

MC Ren Lexander holds the PCEC Certificate of Appreciation presented to ‘Ghostbusters of Thailand’ left to right, Niel Brisley, Tracey Leon, Margaret Roche and Mickey Savage.
Member Ren Lexander interviews Niel Brisley about his PCEC presentation. To watch a video, visit the PCEC YouTube channel at
Member Ren Lexander does a post-presentation interview with Mickey Savage about his childhood experience which resulted in his interest in the existence of ghosts or the afterlife. To watch a video, visit the PCEC YouTube channel at