TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese expatriates, executives and families joined the staff at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India to socialize and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday, September 19.

Representative Ko Pao-Hsuan (葛葆萱) hosted the party at his residence in the afternoon, during which he served moon cakes, Taiwanese steamed sticky rice, turnip cake, and Indian dishes, CNA reported. Even though the party was small, the guests had lively conversations and chatted with Ko about how to strengthen the Taiwan-India business partnership.

Due to the low number of ethnic Han Chinese in India, there is little evidence of the mid-autumn festivities in the country, according to CNA. The General Secretary of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Delhi, Min Yu-lin (閔 幼林), pointed out that the festival is usually just an ordinary day in India for Taiwanese expatriates.

In the past, they might have been able to get moon cakes and pomelos from their traveling peers; However, this year it has been difficult to do because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Min said, adding that most Taiwanese expats can do is talk to their families at home by video call and that some even spend the day in local cafes. feel less alone.

Transdien Engineering deputy general manager Chung Hong-chun (鍾宏駿), who flew from Chennai to Delhi for the occasion, said many Taiwanese expats there have indeed come alone. He encouraged more people to come to India to explore the many business opportunities.