My eldest went to the UK to do levels and stayed with his family. My youngest has just started the bachillerato (with Catalan) here, (it was not possible for her to go to the UK). Bachillerato is a huge amount of study, she does a lot more hours and exams than my other daughter with A levels and doesn’t do so well either. There are many subjects, the majority of which he does not like. She has also been through the Catalan system so has a good understanding of it, but it’s still difficult. We are now thinking of moving to A-levels online so she can concentrate better. (She wants to do math, biology and chemistry). My other daughter has done A levels in Maths, Physics and Psychology, and is now studying Maths at University of London.
I regret not being able to sort A levels for my youngest. Not everyone knows what they want to study, so the Bachillerato is good for that. But if your child already knows what they’re interested in, I’d say A levels are better.
However, I’m looking for anyone with experience with online A-levels! It may not be as good as in college.
The other side is that the funding for the university is a bit uncertain with Brexit. Even with a UK passport, it is unclear whether they would now have to pay overseas fees (dual domicile status for the UK).
Hope this is of help!