The agenda for the January meeting of the James City County Planning Commission includes several items for discussion. (WY Daily file)

JAMES TOWN COUNTY – The James City County Planning Commission (JCC) will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday January 5 at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the County Government Center, 101 Mounts Bay Road.

There are several items to discuss on Wednesday’s meeting agenda, including the Hazelwood Farms Enterprise Center.

Hazelwood Farms has requested the rezoning of approximately 328 acres in the county for a new development called The Enterprise Center, which would include up to nearly three million square feet of warehouse and industrial use, up to 75,000 feet squares of commercial use and up to 250 residential housing units.

The JCC Supervisory Board approved another Hazelwood Farms development project called The Village Center, in December.

The Planning Commission postponed the Enterprise Center review until January, asking Hazelwood Farm to review and make changes to its plan that was first proposed in October.

There will be an open public hearing for the Enterprise Center during Wednesday’s meeting.

The agenda also includes public hearings for a special use permit to build around a 6,049 square foot convenience store with six supply islands at 4007 Ironbound Road., as well as a request for amend the adopted proposals for a parcel of land zoned B-1 General Business “to revise the schedule for the study of the required signal mandate at 6940 and 6950 Richmond Rd.”

The agenda is available on the JCC government website.