LONDON: US President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia is “pivotal” to developing the US-Saudi partnership and ensuring mutual and global peace and prosperity, according to the Kingdom’s ambassador in Washington.

“It has been nearly 80 years since the founder of my country, King Abdulaziz, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to lay the foundations for a post-war Middle East,” Princess Reema bint Bandar said. . stated in an opinion piece published by Politico Thursday.

“Since that day, our two countries have worked together to defeat Soviet Communism, ensure global energy security, contain a revolutionary Iran, push Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and most recently destroy Al-Qaeda and Daesh,” he said. she writes.

Princess Reema added that the Kingdom and the United States must do much more as partners “in these very perilous times”.

“As my country develops, the US-Saudi partnership must also evolve. And that’s why President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia is so crucial. For our relationship to bring peace and prosperity to our two peoples and to the rest of the world, we must redefine the contours of the next eight decades of this crucial alliance.

“Long gone are the days when the US-Saudi relationship could be defined by the outdated and reductive ‘oil versus security’ paradigm. The world has changed and the existential dangers we all face, including food and energy security and climate change, cannot be solved without an effective US-Saudi alliance,” she said.

Princess Reema said the Kingdom is no longer just a world leader in energy, but also in sustainable development.

“Through hundreds of billions of dollars of investments in education, technology, economic diversification and green energy, we have launched a transformational agenda that unlocks the enormous potential of our young men and women.”

She said Saudi women enjoy legal guarantees of equal pay and non-discrimination in the workplace, and that “some Western countries have not taken such measures.

“Today, Saudi women outnumber men in our institutions of higher learning, and women make up the same share of entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia as in the United States.”

She said they enter sectors such as construction, mining and the military, and start businesses, become CEOs and hold high-level government positions, “empowered by a government determined to see us succeed. “.

She recalled her appointment as the first Saudi female ambassador and noted that what is happening for women in the Kingdom is a “success story that we hope others will emulate.”

Princess Reema said the Kingdom promotes tolerance and inter-religious dialogue to achieve greater regional stability.

“Saudi Arabia is indeed rethinking how we express ourselves and engage with the world as a society and as a culture.”

She also said that, if managed responsibly, Saudi Arabia and the United States “can lead a global transition to renewable energy, while catapulting the Middle East into a new hub for strings.” global supply chain”.

She called for more cooperation in countering terrorism and cracking down on terrorists, but said more needed to be done than just tackling this danger.

“We need to offer the people of this region greater hope for the future, and that is why our revamped partnership encompasses cooperation from emerging technologies to joint space exploration. Given Saudi Arabia’s status as a as the cradle of Islam, the repercussions will be felt from Nigeria to Afghanistan.

“The past two years have demonstrated the inherent volatility of our times, from global pandemics to food, energy and supply chain crises.” She added that Saudi Arabia “approaches these challenges with a new mindset”, as it believes “that the global transition to renewable energy can only happen if we all work together to manage this transition in a manner that ensures energy security and global economic growth”. ”

She also said the Kingdom has embraced the transition to green energy, is committed to net zero emissions by 2060 and aims to transition more than half of the energy industry to renewables by the end of the year. end of this decade.

“These are commitments once deemed unimaginable for the world’s oil central bank.”

Princess Reema said ‘there have been turbulent waters in US-Saudi relations’, in reference to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, but said the partnership ‘has emerged stronger of this terrible tragedy, with stricter safeguards to ensure that such an atrocity never happens again.

This incident should not define the relationship to come, and “what happened is not what we do”.

She concluded by saying that she is “sure that great crises will lie ahead, some of which we have no way of foreseeing. But our two great nations must face the unknown with confidence. And we must rise to the greatest challenges of today – from deadly epidemics and food insecurity to the responsible transition to renewable energy – with the same zeal with which we once contained communist aggression and threats to global energy production.

“By working together, we can build the future we all dream of, a future our young people can be proud of, a future we all deserve.”