Then I was pointed to a row of metal folding chairs, down a long hallway, and told to sit down (bare bottoms) for my turn.

I once had the opportunity to sit outside a Seguro Popular hospital for hours when I had to take my worker out for a scorpion sting. He had had a severe reaction, his throat was constricting and he needed to put an intravenous antivenom. Although it took about 3 hours, I was not allowed to leave and come back for him – they said when someone was in the ER there had to be someone waiting for them.

What I saw during those 3 hours, sitting on the chairs in the waiting room in the outdoor courtyard, made me want to never rely on Mexican public health care. (Although I realize IMSS is supposed to be a level above Seguro Popular)

The women in advanced labor writhed in pain on the hard plastic chairs for hours (there were several).

We had brought in a guy who had electrocuted himself. I think he was almost dead when he arrived. The doctors did not tell his wife and parents, who had brought him in, that he was dead, instead waiting for other relatives to come forward, be informed and have to tell those who had been sitting there since. a few hours. , assuming their husband and son were receiving care.