Dear All,

I would like to share my experience with you and ask for your valuable advice.

I submitted an application for a Project Officer position advertised by Qatar Airways in July 2021. After a few weeks I was invited to Sonru’s interview which I did, after that I n haven’t heard from them anymore. Then in January 2022, an HR consultant called me from Qatar Airways and asked if I was still available for the position or not, and told me that the salary for the position was 3500 USD + allowances. He asked if I would accept the offer to send them a confirmation email, which I did. Then he asked me to resubmit an application and sent me a link of a job opening, and I submitted it, as he explained to me that the next step would be another interview with me . Over a month passed and suddenly I received an email from Qatar Airways saying that I had been rejected.

I called this person several times, I had been calling for two days, he only answered me once and did not recognize me and suddenly the line was interrupted, then did not answer at all to my call, the most curious thing is that before every time I called him he answered me and knew me very well. I also emailed, asking for clarification why I was rejected if they already offered me a package but no response.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Thank you very much in advance.