The deal can finally be made and students can once again wander the halls of the old Clarksdale High School building.

The Clarksdale Municipal School District Board of Directors has again discussed and deliberated on the potential sale of the former Clarksdale High School property to Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School.

But this time, there is a meeting between representatives of the Clarksdale board of directors and the charter school scheduled for January 10 at 3 p.m.

After discussing the matter, the board voted to call a specially scheduled board meeting for 1 p.m. that day, two hours before the meeting with charter school representatives, to discuss the details of the sale.

One of the issues under discussion, and requiring further discussion at the January 10 board meeting, was which parts of the overall plot would be sold and which would be retained by the board of directors.

The council also heard from Herbert Smith, Angela Griffin and Joseph Greenberg, briefing the council on the district’s honor at being chosen by the nonprofit Transcend to participate in the group’s Ignite cohort. Clarksdale was chosen as one of ten school districts nationwide, “based on their deep commitment to equity and creating strong learning experiences for every young person.”

According to a statement released by Transcend, several groups “will explore high impact topics such as generating a community-led school design process to achieve equitable outcomes for all students, understanding skills and mindsets. necessary for young people to thrive and transform the world. , how to ensure that the aspirations and needs of the community are taken into account, and understand the science of learning and development.

The other school systems chosen are located in Minnesota, Colorado, Kentucky, California, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas. Mississippi was represented by two select schools, including the McComb School District in Pike County.

“We are very honored to have been chosen for this opportunity,” said Superintendent Dr. Joe Nelson. “This partnership will maximize the potential of each student to learn and grow with the help and support of the community.

The ultimate goal of the Transcend programs, according to Smith, Griffin and Greenberg, is to rethink the educational structure in rural areas.

The board then heard the reports submitted by each of the principals. They included improving daily attendance and a Walk-to-Read program in January, as part of ongoing efforts to increase reading levels and scores.

On the financial side, the board has approved fundraisers for Heidelberg Elementary and JW Stampley. It also approved the following donations to the Coahoma County Early Learning Collaborative: Donna W. Merkel – $ 40,000 and John Cocke – $ 20,000.

The Board of Trustees has set May 28, 2022 as the opening ceremony date for Clarksdale High School 2022. The event is scheduled to take place at The Pinnacle on the Coahoma Community College campus.

With respect to finances and its relationship with Coahoma Community College, the board approved a review of its dual credit enrollment policy with the college. While the plan and earmarked funds were in place for the school to pay for dual enrollment classes, the system was currently unable to pay its obligations due to the then-current policy that did not allow the system to make these payments.

An early graduation candidate, Malcom Brown Jr., has been approved and commended by the board of directors. Brown had sought an early degree well in advance of being transferred from another system. Dr Nelson and others praised his initiative and performance in the Clarksdale Municipal School District.

This was followed by the Superintendent’s report, which noted that 368 students, a quarter of the student body, performed well in proficiency on their standardized tests.

“Clarksdale will be the number one school in the entire Mississippi Delta,” Nelson said.

Dr Nelson added that 81% of staff were vaccinated against the COVID virus, qualifying them to receive a bonus check of $ 700. Since this program was implemented, cases in schools have declined, according to Nelson.

The board also commended Dr Nelson and the schools for the upward movement in test scores and school grades. The Data Celebration, recently hosted by Dr Nelson to honor students and teacher achievements, was also specifically recognized. The event was described by one member as very, very enjoyable.