I’ve been looking for advice on proof of accommodation for a spouse visa application, and can’t find anything recent, so I’m creating this new post. I’m still in the research phase, having watched all this a few years ago, after which we decided to wait for the retirement which is now quite close.

We will be staying with a friend briefly, or maybe not at all, but for the purposes of the application, I will be using her house as my spouse’s accommodation. I want to have a list of what will be required of her so she knows what it is.

This is what my research has suggested is needed:

  1. Letter from my friend saying she invited us to stay with her, in her house which belongs to her, and that she has a 4 bedroom house, with three reception rooms and she lives alone. We will have a room to ourselves.
  2. Title Sign up for £3 from here: search for land and property information. I noticed there was another option on another website for £19.95…which looked a bit dodgy.
  3. A council tax bill or utility bill in their name (is one enough?)
  4. Evidence of lack of attendance. Can we use the estate agent’s document that was created for the property when she bought the house in 2018? This is a detailed quote with a floor plan and room dimensions. Or do we need to get a property inspection? If she says we will have the use of two rooms will that change anything? She sleeps in one bedroom, one is too small (less than 70 square feet, used as an office) leaving two suitably sized bedrooms available. I try to minimize the cost and inconvenience for her. Two of the three reception rooms are also large enough for two people according to the guidelines.

Thank you in advance.