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Panel discussion presented by All Hands Craft Cocktails

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This week’s topic: Texas Tech Big 12 Preseason Rankings

The Big 12 released the preseason poll for its current members and for Texas Tech and its fans this week — it wasn’t so pretty. The Red Raiders are ranked 9th this pre-season. – a spot ahead of the dejected Kansas Jayhawks. Here’s what the staff says about it.

Brandon Soliz

Like any Texas Tech program, I believe football prefers to be the underdog and that has been the case for several Red Raider teams lately. Joey McGuire and Co would love to prove people wrong.

But, if you look outside, I can see how Texas Tech is at rock bottom. Texas Tech is once again under a new head coach and you’ve lost key players, especially at linebacker and offensive line.

On paper, this roster nailed a Mississippi State team in the Liberty Bowl, but it has a tough schedule to stick to early on. Also, McGuire’s recruiting and staffing efforts have been tremendous, but those guys won’t be in the system until next season. Its recruiting efforts have caused a stir, but this team is still the one in the middle of the conference. Which I say because that’s where I would have the Red Raiders – somewhere in the middle and not at No 9.

Ben Golan

I voted Texas Tech 6th in my preseason poll, so the rest of the media is a little lower than me on the Red Raiders.

Part of my optimism is the coaching staff. I believe these personnel are elite and Zach Kittley’s offense will score enough to keep Tech in the game most weeks. I also don’t know if there are any great quarterbacks in the Big 12 and that will help.

That said, I understand why Tech was picked 9th. Usually, Year 1 is tough for new coaches, and Tech hasn’t had much success the past few years.

I think a good Year 1 would be to bowl, sign a 25-30 top and go from there. All of this is still achievable despite what everyone thinks.

Chase Champlin

I think Texas Tech to place 9th was a bit expected. Am I okay? No. I’ve said it over and over again that this team and this new system has a lot of potential to do some damage. The Red Raiders have a tough schedule this season from the start, but I think if this team can come together and use their talent properly, there’s no doubt in my mind that this could be a good first season under Joey McGuire. If I had to choose, I’d put Texas Tech around the 5-7 range and attend a bowling game. Ultimately though, pre-season standings don’t matter.

Justin Apodaca

I think 9th is a fair place for the Red Raiders to land right now as there are concerns with the quarterback position and offensive line not to mention this is the first year under a new staff. coaches.

However, I don’t think that’s where they’ll end up in this year’s standings and should be the lowest in the pre-season poll for a while.

There is rightly a lot of optimism surrounding the program and it should be solid material for the scoreboard for McGuire’s crew.

Trevor Cober

I think I kind of understand the thought process with Texas Tech in ninth place – new head coach, second-to-last in 2021, etc., but I firmly believe the Red Raiders will finish in the top half of the league standings. Big 12 at the end of the year.

Maybe I need to temper my expectations a bit here, but I really believe this team is good enough for that.

Side note: I can’t believe Iowa State got a first vote.