17:45 Babiš pledges to fight for more carbon quotas at EU summit

Outgoing Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš will raise the topic of soaring energy prices at Thursday’s EU summit. Babiš again criticized the development of the bloc’s carbon credit market, saying he will demand the return of nearly 400 million carbon credits to trade to ease pressures on energy supplies. Babiš will meet his EU counterparts as well as the leaders of the bloc’s “eastern partners”: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Babiš said that for the Czech Republic “energy is the main problem”, describing the escalating price of using fossil energy as having an “extremely negative impact” on energy supply.

16:55 Czech Senate insists on collective EU approach to Russia

In a resolution forwarded to the government today, the Czech Senate said it insisted on a collective approach by the EU to Russia, especially when it comes to assembling troops and military equipment Russians near the Ukrainian border. He said the Czech government should support the preparation of major EU anti-Russian sanctions if Moscow chooses to carry out further acts of aggression against Ukraine. The Senate resolution was supported by 54 of the 68 voting members. The Senate said the resolution should be a mandate for Czech representatives at a European Council meeting next Thursday.

15:25 Czech President appoints 50 new judges, more than half of them women

President Miloš Zeman today appointed 50 new judges, 48 ​​of whom were sworn in in his presence at his presidential mansion in Lány today. Prior to his hospitalization in October, outgoing Justice Minister Marie Benešová proposed the candidates for the positions of judges, and the list was then approved by the government. The presidential decree for their acceptance was among the few documents signed by Zeman who will recover in the central military hospital in Prague in November. Two judges missed swearing-in ceremony for contracting Covid-19; Zeman said another date would be offered to them. If the judges are not sworn in by the end of the year, they may have to go through a repeated selection process. 28 women and 22 men were appointed judges.

14:15 Czech Republic calls on Belarus to end crackdown

The Czech Foreign Ministry today called on Belarus to end the crackdown on opponents, release all political prisoners and engage in dialogue with citizens. The ministry’s criticism of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko came in response to prison sentences handed down on Tuesday to Belarusian opposition activists, including the husband of exiled opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. Siarhei Tsikhanouski was sentenced to 18 years in prison for “preparing and staging instances of mass unrest and encouraging social hatred”. His wife called the Minsk court’s decision an act of political revenge. Other opposition figures were sentenced to 14, 15 and 16 years behind bars. Politicians from all political divisions in the Czech Republic joined Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek in denouncing the convictions today.

13:50 Police arrest VAT fraud gang in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Czech and Slovak police have worked together to arrest dozens of people and businesses suspected of involvement in widespread VAT fraud in the two countries. The Slovak Financial Authority and police officers announced the arrests today.

The cross-border gang allegedly deprived the Czech and Slovak states of more than 6.5 million euros, or 165 million CZK, in the past three years alone. A joint Czech and Slovak team is investigating the case. A person suspected of being the mastermind of the scheme has been detained in the Czech Republic.

11:10 Royal Malaysian fund buys properties in South Bohemia

The Royal Malaysian Fund purchased buildings near Protivín Castle in South Bohemia as well as land. The fund, which also owns the castle, plans to build a cultural and commercial center there, also offering accommodation.

Protivín City Hall has approved the deal, worth CZK 16.8 million. About forty people live in the buildings for sale, some of whom will be relocated by the local authorities. Malaysian investors want to restore the newly acquired buildings while installing services such as housing, apartments, a restaurant, a cafe and a bakery. Protivín Mayor Jaromír Hlaváč said the investment was a major boost for the city.

energy crisis Another energy supplier goes bankrupt

Bohemia Energy’s bankruptcy in October left nearly a million customers with disadvantageous “supplier of last resort” contracts. Now another provider has declared the end of its operations. Microenergy, which supplies power to more than 760 customers, will stop supplying electricity and gas, joining a growing list of suppliers hit by the current energy crisis.

Bohemia Energy supplied energy to approximately 900,000 customers; Other companies that went bankrupt include Kolibřík energy, with 28,000 customers, A-PLUS Energie, 150 customers, and Ray Energy, with 3,000 customers. Now, Microenergy customers will also join ‘providers of last resort’ to ensure they don’t lose power completely. Customers will be assigned to the dominant provider in the area where they live.

Charity Prague Mayor’s Food Drive Event Runs Again

For the second consecutive year, the Mayor’s Food Collection charity event will take place in Prague. Last year, the initiative collected 1,200 kilograms of food and hygiene products for people in need. The event is organized under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, and in collaboration with the Humanitarian Aid Foundation. Last year, the initiative also received public donations totaling CZK 45,000, which were then used to buy more food.

This year, basic food and hygiene products will be collected on December 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in front of the building of the new town hall in Mariánské náměstí. Like last year, people can donate basic food and hygiene items or make a financial donation to the Humanitarian Aid Foundation.

To travel American Airlines cancels flights to Prague

American Airlines has announced the cancellation or postponement of several international routes that were due to launch next summer due to a delay in the arrival of new Boeing planes. Prague is one of the destinations to which flights will be cancelled, meaning the wait for the resumption of flights operated by the airline on the route before 2019 will continue.

American Airlines said more than a dozen Boeing 787s will be unavailable to serve routes next year. The other destinations affected will be Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Berlin, Budapest, Dubrovnik and Reykjavik. Services will also be reduced to Sydney, Beijing and Shanghai. The airline is also facing domestic pressure, cutting 27 routes from its schedule, including 18 New York routes for cities across the country.

Czech history Opening of the Saint Ludmila exhibition in Prague

The Klementinum in Prague opened a special exhibition dedicated to the life of Saint Ludmila, entitled The Book and the Veil. The exhibition will feature references to the saint in manuscripts and printed originals from the National Library. The exhibition commemorates the 1100th anniversary of the death of the grandmother of St. Wenceslas and the oldest saint in the Czech lands.

Visitors will see rare manuscripts describing Saint Ludmila in various contexts, mostly in materials dating from before 1800. Until January 30, 39 exhibitions will be presented in the Klementinum gallery, while during the weekend of January 14-16 , the rarest and most precious texts, including the Velislav Bible and the richly illuminated fragment of the Chronicle of Dalimil, will be presented in the Baroque Mirror Chapel.

Roads Opening of new motorway sections in the Czech Republic

In the next few days, tens of additional kilometers of motorways will be added to the Czech road network. A new section of the northern D35 motorway will open as a northern alternative to the congested D1 which runs through the center of the country.

22 additional kilometers are also added on the D11. Some now describe this year as a “turning point” for the Czech road network, after eight years of modernization work on 161 kilometers of the central D1 motorway, long criticized for its poor road surface, having come to an end. However, other works on the D35 motorway are planned for the future; if all goes well, the entire highway could be completed by 2028.