With Lincoln Riley leaving for USC on Lord’s Day, some Oklahoma football forums prefer the literal devil to their former head coach.

It went to hell in a handbag in Bedlam last night and now fans on Oklahoma football bulletin boards actually prefer the literal devil to former head coach Lincoln Riley.

Oklahoma fans are pretty much one punt away from winning Bedlam again and forcing an immediate rematch with the Pokes in Arlington the following week with a college football playoff spot on the line. Now , Boomer Sooner Nation actually compares his former head coach with the creepy Beelzebub. There is haggling and then there is what it is.

College football proves once again that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Oklahoma football forums prefer the devil in the literal sense of Lincoln Riley

While going to USC gives Riley a clearer path to College Football Playoff by making it to an easier conference, the devil doesn’t hide who he is, he’s not afraid of a little competition. and he would never live in California. The last 24 hours in Sooner State have been something else good. Everyone thought Riley was going to Louisiana and not Los Angeles. We mixed up our LAs.

The hilarious part about it all is that one could misinterpret this comparison with Nick Saban. Let’s be realistic. Saban wouldn’t hide who he is, he’s not afraid of a bit of competition and he would never live in California either. As Riley seeks to rebuild the USC football program into something respectable, Oklahoma fans are hoping to land a head coach who would never try Duck Saban in the SEC game.

Not to say that Riley was burning her Easter breast to a crisp, that was foreshadowing, but what a coincidence!

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