The New Zealand passport is highly rated for quality of life on the World Passport Index, but lower for travel benefits and overseas investment opportunities.


The New Zealand passport is highly rated for quality of life on the World Passport Index, but lower for travel benefits and overseas investment opportunities.

There’s a new passport index in town and this one doesn’t rate New Zealand so well.

The New Zealand Passport has been one of the best performers in the Passport and Henley Passport indices for some time, ranking number one on the former in July 2021 before being relegated to second place by the United Arab Emirates later in the year. Meanwhile, our little black book came in sixth place along with Belgium and Switzerland on the latest Henley index.

The new index from UK and Portugal-based immigration consultancy Global Citizens Solutions does things a little differently, assessing passports not just on the number of countries their holders can visit visa-free or visa-free arrival, but also on the quality of life and investment opportunities. Data is collected from organizations such as the World Bank, World Economic Forum and Sustainable Development Forum.

The travel benefits that a passport confers on its holder are the most important (50%), while quality of life and investment opportunities each contribute 25% to the total score.

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New Zealand ranked 10th overall, scoring high on quality of life but lower on travel benefits and investment opportunities.

The United States is said to have the most powerful passport in the world, ranking fourth overall in the investment category, 10th in travel benefits and 23rd in quality of life.

“Overall positioning, balancing strong performance in each category, pushes the United States into the top spot,” said Global Citizens Solutions… “Although the Quality of Life Index is perhaps be less than one might imagine, this is compounded by the investment opportunities in the country.

Germany is said to have the second most powerful passport, followed by Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland and Norway.


From December 14, passengers must present a vaccination pass or proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of travel. (First published on December 14, 2021)

Aotearoa ranked seventh for quality of life, which takes into account cost of living, levels of happiness and freedom, sustainable development goals, environmental performance and acceptance of migrants. The cost of living in New Zealand was described as “very high”, but the country achieved excellent results in terms of freedom, happiness and environmental performance.

Sweden tops the quality of life category, with Global Citizens Solutions Managing Director Patricia Casaburi saying that “there is a strong emphasis on social equality and there is an emphasis on emphasis on life outside the office and a healthy work-life balance.

“From kindergarten, there is 16 months of paid family leave which can be shared between the couple after the birth of a new child, with free childcare also available.”

The Kiwi passport came in 29th in the travel benefits category with holders able to visit 171 countries either visa-free or with an e-visa or visa on arrival. Singapore led the pack in this regard, with such access to 174 countries, followed by Spain, Finland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

In the investment category, which ranks the strength of passports to investment opportunities, New Zealand ranked 25th. Singapore was number one on this list, followed by Hong Kong, Macau, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Qatar, Andorra, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. New Zealand scored high for global competitiveness (or markets and innovation) in this category, but its gross national income (GNI) per capita of $44 and personal tax rate of 33% kept her out of the top 20 in that category.

Global Citizens Solutions said investment category leaders tend to have stable economic, political and social systems that make it easier for foreigners to do business.

The company said Singapore likely topped the investment and travel benefits categories because “the city-state is very accepting of expats and entrepreneurs looking to expand into the Asian market. Indeed, Singapore is a financial cornerstone for trade. Alongside this, there is a progressive legal and regulatory framework and extremely well-developed infrastructure.”

Global Passport Index Power Rankings

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Canada
  4. Netherlands
  5. Denmark
  6. Sweden
  7. UK
  8. Finland
  9. Norway
  10. New Zealand