Jeffrey Wilson and Brian Pickard are stepping into new roles after being officially sworn in as directors of the South Kitsap School Board on Wednesday night.

Income decisive victories in the November 2 elections, Wilson and Pickard accepted the positions of chairman and vice-chairman as board members voted to rearrange roles, which is typically done every December.

The new directors took the opportunity to talk about joining the board.

“Public schools help us forge our indelible sense of belonging, where we make our first friends, where we meet our smiling neighbors at the bus stop, and what is defined as a home for the rest of us. our lives, ”said Wilson, senior advisor at Boeing Company who will represent District 4 of South Kitsap. “Despite the cracks we might see on the fringes today, we’re still a community with a South Kitsap school district for everyone. It means SK all the way, for you, for me, for all of us. continue to invest in our students, our teachers, our curriculum and tackle our long neglected infrastructure. Together, I believe we can build and operate schools that provide unmatched value to our one and only South Kitsap community. ”

Pickard, a former South Kitsap School District educator who will represent District 3, said he looks forward to “rolling up his sleeves” and working with his fellow principals and Superintendent Tim Winter.

“My past experiences will help me take on this role,” Pickard said. “I have been allowed to lead others in different ways and the ability to work collaboratively has been a real strength. I look forward to doing this with all of the board members, staff and the community. I am proud of my ability to listen, to understand. I think it’s really essential to all of our roles to make the best decisions. We really have to listen and understand where everyone is coming from. “

Brian pickard

Board positions have fluctuated in recent months after Former District 1 President and Director Eric Gattenby has resigned in October. District 2 director John Berg, who was previously vice-president, became president on an interim basis, leaving the four-member council without a vice-president.

In his final action as interim president on Wednesday, Berg oversaw the nomination process for president and vice president. Berg appointed District 5 Director Jeff Daily as president, which Daily agreed to. Daily nominated Pickard as president, which Pickard refused. Pickard nominated Wilson, who was ultimately elected president by a 4-0 vote.

Pickard was the only nomination (by Daily) for vice president. He was elected 4-0.

The board of trustees voted to fill the positions of legislative representative, delegate of the Washington State Association of Principals, and representative of the Washington Interscholastic Association at a later date.

Leading the majority of Wednesday’s 3.5-hour virtual meeting, Wilson spoke of his desire to help the South Kitsap board run as a whole. During his candidacy, Wilson wrote of the need for the board to eliminate “drama and demagoguery“between members.

“I think what we do here on the board and how we act is an important reflection of our South Kitsap community that we all serve together,” Wilson said. “To that end, I think we can do it better than in the past. I would like to divert the attention of the personalities on this board and return to focusing on our children and their education.”

Wilson told his colleagues he would like to see the board create “more space for meaningful discussion and good decision-making by focusing much less on paperwork and legal maneuvering,” he said. -he declares. “I look forward to your partnership in this endeavor. Additionally, I would like us to encourage each other both individually and collectively to focus more on our role as decision makers and let Tim as Superintendent focus more on our operational excellence. We determine the “what” and it determines the “how” with input from our valuable stakeholders. “

One of the council’s most immediate priorities is to fill the vacant seat in District 1 of Gattenby. Of the three candidates who applied for the position, District 4 Wilson replaces: Rebecca Diehl. First elected as a board member in 2013, Diehl, who attended the first part of Wednesday’s meeting, was unable to get re-elected in District 4 in November as she now resides within the boundaries of District 1.

The other two candidates for the District 1 seat are Renee Hernandez Greenfield and Kate Espy. Hernandez Greenfield works at Tacoma Community College as an assistant professor and director of the school’s early learning center, while Espy is a longtime nurse at St. Michael Medical Center.

South Kitsap’s board plans to interview all three candidates next week and appoint a new director at the next board meeting on December 15.