Good morning!
I hope you are all healthy and safe.
I am considering early retirement, moving to rural France (I looked at Poitou-Charentes) – as a cyclist and outdoor enthusiast I aspire to live somewhere where I can walk or cycle everywhere, or take a train or bus, using a car only when absolutely necessary. I live in a rural area of ​​the Pacific Northwest and constantly rely on my car because the roads here are just not safe for walking or biking – a jogger was recently killed on my route, and my neighbors cyclists and I load all our bikes on our cars to ride on safer paths.
I would like to hear from other members who can enlighten me and let me know if my dream of living in a French village is just a dream or if it is a reality. If I need a carton of milk or fruit, can I walk or cycle to the market without fear of being thrown off the road?
I would also appreciate any thoughts on attitudes and the political environment towards expats – in other words, if I move and eventually get a residence visa, would there be a time when I don’t could no longer live in France? I know no one can predict the future, but I’m just curious what the current environment looks like. If I move to France, I don’t think I can return to the United States – neither financially nor spiritually.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message!