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Over the past few years, the expectations of modern shoppers have evolved as rapidly, if not more so, than the retail landscape itself. The latest PSFK iQ playbook shows how brands can transact and retain this new wave of consumers who may be wary of trading in the convenience and personalized customer base of e-commerce.

How Reformation created a service-oriented store experience
The sustainable apparel and accessories brand is finding success by leveraging next-generation customer tools, technologies and techniques to enhance the customer experience. Read more

Target and Apple team up for special in-store training program
To provide an enhanced Apple product shopping experience for its customers, Target is providing its own employees and team members with specialized training in conjunction with the Cupertino giant. PSFK

Ulta Beauty and Haut.AI develop a new AI engine for hyper-personalization
An innovative and personalized artificial intelligence solution for skin health and beauty helps reinvent the customer experience across Ulta Beauty’s key touchpoints. Read more

Download Today: A PSFK Guide to Personalizing and Cultivating 1:1 Brand Relationships
5 customer strategies to deliver superior brand experiences and build consumer loyalty. Details

Voice and audio capabilities empower consumers to take control of brand experiences
Going all the way back to the Book of Genesis, the voice and audio commands ordered well. And now, a few (millions) of millennia later, brands are realizing the transformational, user-driven experience that voice and audio tools can deliver to consumers. New technology platforms and next-gen APIs enable an increasingly permanent experience that puts control back in the user, transforming branding occasions that were once static one-way streets into quite literal two-way conversations.

Spotify Live lets users tune into podcasts and chat with hosts
Formerly known as Spotify Greenroom, the newly revamped Spotify Live feature allows users to go beyond just listening by allowing subscribers to ask questions, chat with other podcast fans and hosts during recordings, and even share GIFs in the discussion forum. Spotify

Alexa enhances the Ford experience with personalized voice commands
Ford and Lincoln drivers will be able to set custom Alexa voice commands for their vehicles through enhanced “car control.” The feature allows drivers to teach Alexa how they prefer to issue commands, even if it’s an indirect commentary on a problem the car’s voice AI can solve, like “Alexa, my bumper.” breeze is foggy” to activate the defroster. Ford

Clubhouse is testing an audio game feature
To play, Clubhouse users invite their friends and choose the “Games” option under +Rooms. The platform’s first game, called “Wild Cards”, presents users with questions and ice-breaking challenges like “Prepare a movie in 30 seconds”. clubhouse

Speechly adds conversational AI for gaming and metaverse experiences
Speechly recently launched real-time voice UI as a feature for AR/VR apps, games and metaverses through the cross-platform Unity game engine, which powers popular mobile games like Cuphead and Pokemon Go. Speech

Bots step in to help people and brands become sustainable
Although there are still some automated robots can’t do, this list seems to be shrinking day by day. An important and increasingly powerful application of bots and AI-powered models is to reduce the noise around corporate initiatives that impact the environment. The biggest concern for shoppers is how brands drive meaningful change through their sustainability efforts, and technology may well hold the key.

Bots and AI can sustainably succeed where humans have failed
Research shows that 84% of respondents think companies would make more progress towards sustainability and social goals with the help of artificial intelligence, and 61% think bots will succeed where humans have failed, as 96% of business leaders think human biases and emotions hurt. corporate sustainability efforts. Press release

Nibble’s AI-powered trading chatbot helps power the circular economy
The Nibble negotiation and customer conversion chatbot is specifically dedicated to supporting circular economy companies and B Corporations, offering them discounts and helping to boost eco-responsible sales. Nibble

Twig’s “Bank of Things” wants sustainability and capitalism to coexist
Twig is a sustainability-focused, B corp-certified, circular economy fintech that wants to tackle the fast fashion market and throwaway culture. The AI-powered platform decides and places the best way for users to sell or exchange their used fashion and electronics for other goods and credits, and also provides tracking and clearing services for the carbon, tree planting, health and wellness education and philanthropy. Press release

Sustainabl makes fashion shopping, well, more sustainable
The eco-driving platform’s AI-based Shine Index considers fabric sustainability attributes, recycling practices, waste prevention techniques, water consumption and product usage chemicals at the product level before releasing the items for sale in its marketplace. It also incorporates data regarding a product’s manufacturer’s energy management to help make shopping for sustainable fashion a better experience than shopping for non-sustainable fashion. Sustainable

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