Publication date: 05/13/2022

The charity is appealing to anyone who has not requested to exchange their green residency document for a TIE to do so immediately

Since July 6, 2020, a new residence permit has been available for Britons residing in Spain, following the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. A plastic TIE card (Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero) replaces the old paper EU residence certificate (green residence document).

Age in Spain now invites people who have not requested to exchange their green document for a TIE to do so without delay. The organization, which provides information and support for English speakers living in Spain, helps those who wish to make the exchange.

An Age in Spain social media poll suggests that the majority of people who need proof of residing in Spain have received or are in the process of applying for their TIE. But a substantial minority have been deterred from applying for a variety of reasons – some fear they cannot cope with the bureaucracy involved, don’t know where to start or don’t think it’s important, while others don’t. just don’t’ I didn’t make it.

Many believe that the paper certificate being valid indefinitely, it is preferable to the TIE which must be renewed every ten years.

But there are serious downsides to relying on the paper certificate, as some Spanish authorities no longer accept it as proof of identity and residence, when they should.

Helen Weir, managing director of Age in Spain, reported that people were having problems when they only had the paper certificate.

“Some administrations in Spain have stopped recognizing the green residence permit. In particular, the Employment Office (Oficino de Empleo) only recognizes the TIE since January of this year. Thus, if you are in employment, on ERTE or on unemployment benefit, you must apply for a TIE.

“There are many benefits to having the TIE – not just its durability. It’s proof that you are officially residing in Spain, it’s a valid ID and everything you need to travel to Spain. inside Spain, and it clearly shows that you are under the scope of Britain’s withdrawal agreement with the EU.

“More importantly, it is recognized by all administrative bodies in Spain.”

The green residency document is still a legal document in Spain and should technically be recognized for any administrative procedure you need to undertake, but in practice many organizations make it difficult for anyone who does not have the TIE card.

Image: Age in Spain