MTV has announced a new show called “Buckhead Shore”.

MTV launched “Jersey Shore” 13 years ago with a group of young Italian-Americans partying in a rental house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, becoming a beachside hit with reality TV characters memorable like Snooki, DJ Pauly D and “The Situation” coining phrases like “pomegranate” and “gym, tan, laundry.”

Now, a drastically reduced MTV cable network has announced an upcoming “Jersey Shore” spin-off with a decidedly confusing title: “Buckhead Shore.”

Shore? Sure, the Chattahoochee River runs along Buckhead’s western border, but it’s not a summer resort. It makes as much sense as “Buckhead Ski Resort” or “Buckhead Swamp”.

The description from MTV’s press release sheds some light: “The coastal franchise travels to Buckhead, Georgia to follow the interpersonal lives of a group of friends who are making a name for themselves in the ‘Beverly Hills of the South.’ as they escape their daily lives and head to the shore of the lake to let loose.

The Atlanta metro area is notoriously landlocked. The nearest real beach is hundreds of miles away. But the reference to “lakeside” likely refers to Lake Lanier 50 miles to the northeast, where many Buckhead residents own or rent lakeside homes.

The fact that the series uses “Buckhead” in its name shows how well-known the wealthy alcove is to people outside of Atlanta. The many luxury mansions, art galleries and high-end shopping malls all have character.

The phrase “Beverly Hills of the South”, however, is clearly written by someone who probably lives in Los Angeles. Has anyone in Atlanta ever described Buckhead that way?

And Atlanta residents know that Buckhead is not a town as the description makes it sound. It is simply a well-known neighborhood in the city of Atlanta. Yes, there’s a small faction that wants to make it a real city, but that’s unlikely to be brought up on an MTV show full of young adults looking to drink heartily and hook up.

Also, there is an actual town of Buckhead in Morgan County 66 miles east of Atlanta, but that’s not what this show is referring to at all.

“Buckhead Shore” already filmed episodes earlier this year and there is a Reddit discussion forum on the show.

There was a “Jersey Shore” spinoff that debuted in 2017 that actually featured the beach for most of its run called “Floribama Shore.” It was filmed in Panama City Beach, Florida its first two seasons, then St. Pete Beach in season three, and due to COVID-19, off-beach locations in Montana and Arizona in season four.

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