Almost all salaries are very low in the Philippines, so to have a chance of earning well, you must have at least one:
/English as a first language AND have teaching skills.
/ Have a rare education/skill that is of interest to a company. Don’t expect to get one this young, although they normally require a lot of experience.
/ Have a good knack for business, enough experience AND have or be able to raise enough start-up capital* to start your own… And a lot of patience because in the Philippines they require lots of crazy permits – and are slow to give them (In over a year, for example, we’ve had 5 but not yet the 6th was to be cleared to start.)

(*I had enough skills and experience when I was 24, but incredibly low start-up capital to even try to start such a business, but I started anyway, but it’s a bit of luck that I passed as it became much easier than the competition expected was surprisingly bad in the county/province where I started.))

Edit: I forgot to mention one thing that the younger generation is often better at as internet marketers.
Some jobs can be done via the Internet from anywhere, which adds a chance of earning as if you had done such work in a high-paying country,
BUT many of these jobs are in competition with low wage countries like for example the Philippines and India IF it is something they know enough about. So a better chance for you if you have language knowledge that they don’t have or if you know for example the laws of your home country. I worked remotely with for example accounting, writing, research, software development…