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Hong Kong tycoon to pay HK$10m to seriously injured dancer at Mirror concert

Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li Tzar-Kai will pay HK10 million ($1.27 million) to help the dancer who was seriously injured in a Mirror concert in July.

The billionaire said the sum would be added to the medical bills of 27-year-old Mo Li Kai-yin.

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‘Truly shocking and the first’ – Thai food stall staff were stunned when they received a $600 tip from the GrabFood runner

Photo: Screenshot IG/Thai Dynasty

A kind GrabFood delivery guy surprised the staff at the Thai Dynasty outlet in Yew Tee Square with an incredibly generous tip of $600!

A photo of the tip along with a note from the rider, Mr. Jesse, was posted on Thai Dynasty’s Facebook and Instagram pages on Monday, September 12.

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Singaporean says bar ‘prioritizes expats over locals’ asks if others have experienced the same

Photo: freepik/ASphotofamily (for illustrative purposes only)

On Tuesday, September 13, a Singaporean man took to an online news forum to share his disappointment with an experience at a local bar. “(Has) anyone here experienced bars or restaurants prioritizing serving expats over local customers?” wrote the Singaporean, before recounting the events that would have taken place.

“We were in a bar popular with expats,” the post read, “and we couldn’t help feeling we were the last priority in service compared to other foreign customers.”

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‘No wonder our locals don’t have jobs’ – Netizen quizzes employer for specifically wanting ‘Filipino assistant’ for vacancy

Photo: FB Screenshot/Singapore Complaints

A netizen posted a screenshot of a TikTok video of a pet grooming business specifically looking for a “Filipino groomer assistant” to fill a position.

“Can someone explain if this is allowed in Sg. To specifically put a nationality they want in Sg? No wonder our locals don’t have jobs. All these foreign chefs or owners in the company will want their own people to come and share our pie.

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74-year-old uncle still sends flowers to wife who died 10 years ago; A Filipino couple helped him after he fell on the rocks at Changi Beach

Photo: screenshot TikTok/queenlexinda

A Filipino woman named Queen Lexinda Royupa took to TikTok to document a recent incident that moved her to tears. As she and her husband were taking photos at Changi Beach Park, they saw an old man rushing towards the water.

“Unfortunately he came down so fast and then hit his head against the rocks and fell into the water,” and the couple quickly came to his aid. They managed to calm him down and treated bruises on his head, ears and arms.

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