Indian expats living here have become embedded in the local cultural fabric and are now powerful contributors to the UAE economy in various capacities, including as entrepreneurs and job creators. The growth in trade between countries, including contributions to the digital economy, testifies to this.

Remittances and foreign currency trading are a crucial source of income and livelihood for millions of people on both sides. As a responsible financial services provider with a substantial global presence, we at LuLu Exchange are proud to contribute to this flow of money in various capacities.

We thank the wise and humanitarian leaders of the United Arab Emirates, the government and its people, for creating an environment conducive to personal and professional well-being.

Over the past two years, our role in strengthening the industry in the form of digital payment solutions has added wings to our presence in the UAE. Sending money home has been made much easier for Indians, thanks to our digital initiatives, including continued updates to our payment app, LuLu Money.

Several acknowledgments we have received from the competent authorities of both countries motivate us to continue doing our best to facilitate the lives of local residents and expatriates of this nation.

We are encouraged by the remarkable level of cooperation and partnerships the two nations share and convey our heartfelt wishes to Indians in the UAE and around the world on the occasion of Independence Day.