As the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine continues, there remains little to no chance of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, according to a Kremlin official. The White House had initially dismissed the possibility of a meeting with the Kremlin government, saying on February 22 – two days before Russian forces entered Ukraine – that a summit between the two countries was “certainly not planned. ” in their own statement. obtained by Reuters. The troubling lack of communication between Russia and the United States only dims hopes for a resolution to end the fighting in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has escalated since President Putin ordered Russian troops to attack late last month. The invasion appears to be continuing for the foreseeable future, with no glimpse of talks beyond those currently being held by Ukrainian and Russian officials. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also confirmed this, saying there was no question of holding a Biden-Putin, according to the Tass news agency. The rejection of any discussion between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin only adds to the pattern of canceled meetings and connections between the US and Russian governments.

Since the start of the war, the two have publicly stated that they are ready to speak with each other, but that has yet to be done. In “an expected development” according to Reuters, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said any meeting would be “off the table”, but held out some hope for a potential summit that could help resolve the conflict according to Radio Free Europe (RFE).

“We are never going to completely close the door on diplomacy,” she told reporters. However, Psaki also clarified that the Biden administration will not engage or engage in talks with Russia until Vladimir Putin withdraws his troops from Ukraine, stating that “diplomacy can only succeed if Russia changes course. heading”.

This seems to be the case with the talks between Ukrainian and Russian representatives. For the most part, negotiations for a ceasefire have stalled between the two, as Russia has repeatedly betrayed any agreement and attacked both citizens and humanitarian groups. Although Turkey claims Ukraine and Russia are close to being ‘close to an agreement’ in negotiations, according to Al Jazeera, CNN reports that the US and NATO remain skeptical of the claims of Turkey and Moscow’s commitment to these negotiations. Regardless of the truth, comprehensive talks to completely end the war and stop the invasion of Ukraine remain highly unlikely as the West continues to sever ties with the Russian government and oligarchs across all sectors.

In order to produce progress in ending the Ukrainian assault, dialogue must resume between the United States and Russia. President Biden can play a critical role in spreading and ending the war through productive diplomacy and quick compromises with Vladimir Putin. For a resolution to materialize, a productive summit between the United States and Russia can reverse the latter’s trend away from interest in the talks and into more participation. Many Ukrainians hope that the talks will continue and that the war, which has ravaged the country and displaced many people, will officially end.