Governor Arif Mohammed Khan said Kerala’s initiatives in various fields have always reflected the spirit and mood of the nation, often setting models for others to emulate.

He was speaking after inaugurating the third edition of the Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS) here on Thursday. Mr Khan said the lives and contributions of non-resident Keralites had been role models for people in other states.

“Despite high odds, Kerala has made us proud by winning the top spot for Sustainability in the Public Affairs Index-2021 and ranking first in Asia in Affordable Talent in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report . Kerala was also ranked first for the one-stop-shop system for e-service delivery, according to the national e-service delivery assessment report, and was ranked fifth in the country and first among the states in the south in the Good Governance Index,” Mr. Khan said.

“Accept and respect”

While taking note of the country’s notable progress in digitalization, investment, supply chain stability and sustainable development amid the COVID situation and Ukraine crisis, Mr. Khan emphasized the need to accept and respect the various traditions in India. “The idea of ​​oneness of being is the founding virtue of Indian culture and civilization,” Khan said.

Knowledge economy

It was fitting that this forum focused on topics such as the knowledge economy and the contribution of migrants to the reconstruction of Kerala, as well as discussions on the future of migration, women’s migration, government programs for migrants and the problems faced by expatriates in various countries. The emphasis on the knowledge economy is very timely, as only through knowledge can a country progress in the present and in the years to come, he said. Affluent expats should consider helping our emerging workforce acquire skills and qualities suitable for a global work environment.

“Therefore, it would be helpful if the Loka Kerala Sabha could think of occasional online interaction programs to share this knowledge and experiences with young job seekers in Kerala. Issues related to the continued education of children who have had to return due to the Ukrainian crisis must also be our priority,” said Mr. Khan. He hoped that more and more successful non-resident Keralite entrepreneurs would come forward to be part of Kerala’s dream of creating more jobs in the information technology, tourism and electronics sectors.