Mural artist Jappy Agoncillo stands in front of his work which showcases the national symbols of the Philippines and Korea.

After reopening to the public in March, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) of the Korea Culture and Information Service unveiled its resolution to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries.

In line with its 2022 goals, KCC, in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum, has created a project that showcases the cultural collaboration of Korea and the Philippines through the creative mind of mural artist Jappy Agoncillo.

For KCC, the mural is a collaboration and friendship between the two Asian nations, incorporating representative and national symbols of both countries. Since the center building is a harmonization of traditional and modern Korean elements, the mural also harmonizes traditional concepts with contemporary art.

It also serves as an aesthetic element for the guests where they can take their photos. Jappy Agoncillo wanted to incorporate the similarities and friendship of Filipinos and Koreans, so he included national symbols from both countries.

“For the color palette, I really want to look at traditional Korean elements and colors, especially the palace colors. I really want those strong colors to be represented in the mural,” he added.

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The mural symbolizes KCC’s goals for the coming years, serving as a reminder that it now serves as a bridge between cultural exchange and collaboration between Korea and the Philippines.