After months of public discussion, the Jersey Shore Borough Council approved its part of a contribution agreement to the Lycoming Regional Police Service on Monday.

The unanimous approval of the Charter Agreement is the next step in the Borough’s action to formalize regionalization with Porter and Old Lycoming Townships.

Regionalization was first introduced in each of the authorities in 2019 and was intended to save money and improve services for the boroughs and townships. It has since escalated into a contentious issue, but elicited no negative public comment at Monday’s meeting.

“This is what we discussed, and the council is moving forward with your role in the creation of Lycoming Regional Police,” said council attorney Marc Drier. “This would involve making the regional police the official police service while abolishing the existing service.”

In other matters, the board unanimously approved a rezoning order for West Pharmaceuticals to bring the industry designation in line with recent expansion. Although Monday’s action was a technicality to fix the zoning issue, some of the public were concerned about the expansion and giving West Pharmaceutical a special privilege to park in designated yellow spots. or to park tractor-trailers and block local businesses. West Pharmaceutical expanded in the borough at the end of August.

In regards to the ongoing project to repair the Lawshee Run culvert, the council received an invoice for a temporary steel plate to make the culvert safe and passable. The plate cost $2,680. While the Lawshee Run project will cost between $9 million and $11 million, the borough will complete an engineering plan so it can receive federal and state funding assistance.

The council took action on other issues, including:

• Hold an official order to vacate an unnamed alley (known as West Alley) for a future meeting.

• Approved two community parks and recreation grant applications of $250,000 each. One is for the Lawshee Run Trail project and the other is for the Thompson Street Park project.

• Acceptance of Councilor Dick Delaney’s resignation

• Acceptance of the resignation of Brett Herbst, Member of Zoning and Codes

• Approval of $320,000 for borough pension payments

• Fixed treat times to Monday, October 31 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

• Jersey Shore Area School District Homecoming Parade Route Approved

• Approve a request from the Jersey Shore Area Softball Association to provide a scoreboard for the field. If the district builds a new field within five years, it can take the new council with it.

In attendance were Board Members Denise Robbins, Denny Thompson, Janet Barnhart, Barbara Schmouder, Sean Simcox, Scott Bierly and Steve Kanski. Dick Delaney was absent.

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