Foreigners learn to make dumplings.

Beijing has stepped up efforts to promote the creation of international talent communities to attract more people with professional skills that can contribute to the capital’s development.

In 2016, the Municipal Talent Work Leading Group proposed the concept of establishing international talent communities in Beijing. In 2017, the first batch of four pilot projects – Chaoyang Wangjing, Zhongguancun Science City, Future Science City and New Shougang – were announced. In 2019, four new pilot areas were added.

A trial guideline for the development of such communities in Beijing was published in 2020. The document was based on surveys of the eight communities, as well as a comparative study of urban construction experiences of nearly 30 developed countries and regions. .

According to the document, international talent refers to people who possess certain professional knowledge or skills, are familiar with international conventions and rules, are able to work creatively in a cross-cultural environment and contribute to socio-economic development.

These talents include foreigners, overseas returnees, and domestic workers with an international outlook and a desire to engage in global competition.

Focused on the demand for international talent, the directive proposed nine key areas for community development, including neighborhood interactions, education and culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, healthcare, transportation networks , ecological protection and maintaining a low-carbon environment.

The development of international talent communities has been included in the latest version of the city’s master plan. It has become a core task for Beijing as it strives to strengthen its role as a hub for international exchanges and scientific and technological innovation.

Specific tasks include: construction of apartments, schools, hospitals and service facilities for international talent; renovate and upgrade pedestrian areas with distinctive features; launch innovation and entrepreneurship platforms; organize world-class international events; and the establishment of community identification systems.

Wangjing Street, a 380-meter-long pedestrian zone with stalls in Chaoyang District, opened in 2020 to provide more leisure space for expatriates.

In addition, a high-level foreign talent mansion was built in Shunyi District, and Easy Beijing, a mobile application that provides services for international talent, was launched.