RIYAD: A horse festival launched in Riyadh on Monday will bring together more than 350 horses to make it the largest international gathering of horses in the region.

Ubayyah in Diriyah takes place on January 10 and lasts for eight days at the International Equestrian Resort, under the patronage of Riyadh Governor Prince Faisal bin Bandar.

The festival, in partnership with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, aims to showcase the beauty of purebred Arabian horses to the world, as part of the Kingdom’s cultural initiatives for Vision 2030.

“This festival aims to highlight the harmony between man and horse, and through various activities and shows, demonstrate how the horse has played a strategic role in helping our founders to extend and conquer these lands”, a said Prince Salman bin Faisal bin Salman Al-Saud, chairman of the top committee of the festival. “We want our young people and our guests to know and cherish the deep value they have in the Kingdom. “

He said the festival aims to take place at least once a year, every year, as the horse plays an important role in preserving the identity of the kingdom. He hoped that the festival, using modern means, would evoke the emotions that linked locals to their ancestors.

Equestrian shows will be staged to illustrate the harmony between man and horse, as well as cavalry shows. The festival will also include art competitions, live music, shopping and dining, as well as many other events including the Ubayyah Experience, similar to Sadu’s concept of dining, wellness and hospitality. Escape to AlUla.

The most important event will be the International Purebred Arabian Horse Championship, which is expected to take place on the third day of the festival, with the participation of 350 horses from different Arab countries and prizes worth over 2 million. SR ($ 532,730).

The name of the festival comes from a famous stallion that belonged to the founder of the kingdom, King Abdulaziz.

Visitors attending the opening will attend a horse auction called Pride of Diriyah featuring rare purebred Arabian horses, part of the proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

They will also have the chance to see the direct descendants of famous horses that belonged to Imam Faisal and King Abdulaziz, as well as enjoying an equestrian area for all ages.