The internet has recently come to the defense of a man who lashed out at his girlfriend for blaming her for his book’s frustrations. In Reddit’s r / AmITheA ** hole forum, the Publish made its way into the discussion forum with 8.1,000 votes (97% positive votes) and a leading commentary with almost 15,000 positive votes. U / Active_Blacksmith_97 expressed regret at his reaction, but wondered if he was wrong.

The man explained that his girlfriend loves to read, and in the middle of her favorite book, she complains or expresses her love for the characters.

“It has never been a problem, but about 3 months ago,” he said. “She started to read a lot of romance novels.”

According to GoodReads Choice Awards 2021, the 3 best romance novels were The people we meet on vacation by Emily Henry, The love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood and Casey McQuinston One last stop.

U / Active_Blacksmith_97 said the incidents happen a few times a week. If his girlfriend was mad at any of the characters, she would pick on him.

“The next day she will sheepishly tell me that she was crazy about something that happened in the book,” he said.

He went on to add that she had complained that he was not as romantic as one of the characters in her book, so he would have offered to try harder, but it was not enough.

“It’s hard to know if this is a real problem or just if she’s angry about a book and she’s even more annoyed if I ask her if it’s about the book,” he confessed.

Then the day came when U / Active_Blacksmith_97 had had enough.

“I had a horrible day at work and I was pretty crushed and exhausted,” he said. “I greeted her and she ignored me and asked her if she was really mad at me or if she was sulking a book.”

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He said he ordered some food to make things easier, but his girlfriend deemed him “lazy,” which sparked an argument.

“I said maybe one of her imaginary boyfriends could cook for her because I was too tired to do so. She refused to eat the food I delivered and she went to bed. hungry, “he admitted.

After the incident, he felt bad and wished he had handled the situation differently. The Internet was quick to comment, siding with it.

“It’s very unhealthy of her. She basically lives vicariously through the characters in the book and it’s your responsibility to deal with her mood swings,” u / TheLadyDoore said.

U / Throwaway_fml_T_T wrote: “I also think she may need some help with advice, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy is serious and the way she treats the OP is not normal.”