I’m of the opinion that just getting out of RDU and I-40 traffic would be a blessing, but the layover in Germany is not tolerable and there’s only one food vendor in that section of this airport, so clue, get German marks at JFK. in terminal 1, just take the sky train. Singapore Airlines check-in does not open at JFK until a few hours before the flight. There will be an online health question you need to fill out at JFK and then a paper version on the plane to the Philippines from Singapore. Be sure to check your departure gate in Singapore as soon as you arrive as they will likely be far apart at this airport and may require a lot of walking (not an ADA compliant terminal). The flight attendants and male flight attendants at Singapore Air are the best, and so is the food. Prepare to answer many questions when you enter the Philippines. Have all your test results on paper or whatever other than your phone, unless you’re high tech enough to make sure your phone works there it wasn’t. The Airbus 380-800 is an impressive aircraft. Buy a neck pillow and sleep. I will try to answer any other questions you may have. Economy is good on Singapore Airlines. The quarantine advice in Davao will drive you crazy or at least it drove me crazy when you arrived. Davao is a pretty town. The food is good. People are friendly. Buy a Visa card preloaded with US dollars from your bank and you can use it to get Philippine pesos into the country. Don’t panic at the ATM when it says it’s charging you what appears to be an outrageous service charge. It’s usually 250 php which is around $2.50 and you can get 10,000 php at a time. I preloaded two cards of $2500 each and brought one back with me and stayed for a month, but also took some cash.