The decision on a controversial land sale proposed by the Greater Victoria School Board (SD 61) will not come for two weeks, after the board and the Victoria Hospice Society agreed more time to finalize the deal with details recently refined.

At its Jan. 24 meeting, the school board narrowly approved the first two readings of a bylaw approving the sale of 1.9 acres at 2780 Richmond Rd. to Victoria Hospice for $2.5 million. The society hopes to build a new center for bereavement support, education and end-of-life programs on the triangular portion of what SD61 calls Lansdowne Middle School’s South Campus. During this meeting and previous public consultation, several concerns were raised, some relating to the disposition of educational land, but more broadly concerns relating to Bowker Creek – the waterway bordering one side of the property.

The February 28 meeting was to include a possible final reading of the Land Disposition Bylaw as well as a presentation to Victoria Hospice to provide details regarding a February 18 proposal letter to council. the seven-page document develops the company’s plans for the site, including stream remediation.

Company CEO Kevin Harter reiterated his position that restoring and managing this part of the Bowker Creek watershed is a priority. Bowker Creek’s natural attributes and proximity to the Royal Jubilee Hospital make it an ideal location for the Society’s work.

The reach, identified in the Bowker Creek Blueprint as reach 9, is one of the few daylight-lit segments of the creek. While the hospice was originally unaware of the master plan, which outlines a 100-year plan for cleaning up the waterway through Victoria, Saanich and Oak Bay, its plans now embrace the document.

Plans include creating a publicly accessible greenway with a multi-use path, benches and SD61 property information signs; replace and possibly relocate the fallen fence; and the widening of the creek.

Hospice is proposing a four-meter-wide stretch with more gently sloping sides, lowering the Capital Regional District’s sewer right-of-way by one to 1.5 meters to increase the channel’s cross-section for major runoff events. , and offering the possibility of tilting the east side of the channel more gently.

The plan would see the creek meander with a planned area on the northeast side of the creek for an outdoor classroom; invasive species removed and replaced with native riparian plantings; a non-permeable footprint minimized where reasonable, and a greenway.

The settlement for the disposal of the land, together with the presentation of Victoria Hospice, is now scheduled for the council meeting on March 14, from 7:30 p.m.

Meetings are streamed on YouTube Channel SD 61.

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