Ti Gong

A map of the 22 gas stations on the West Bund waterfront in Xuhui District.

Twenty-two gas stations with multiple functions and elegant architectural designs have been built on the West Bund waterfront along the Huangpu River in Xuhui District.

The West Bund service areas offer some 20 types of service, such as information, a point of relaxation, emergency assistance and tourist assistance, for visitors to the popular 8.4 kilometer long riverbank.

The stations, with toilets, rest areas and mobile phone charging facilities as well as bag depots, have served more than 200,000 people since the first such construction in 2017. Around 4,000 volunteers have been recruited for manage the stations, an official with the West Bund Development Group said Wednesday at a forum.

People can listen to a conference, forum or trade fair as well as read books and relax at the stations at the same time. They can also have a coffee on the open-air terrace overlooking the landscape of the riverbank. Joggers can rest, bathe, drink water or change, while nursery rooms and unisex toilets are also available.

Gas stations enhance the West Bund waterfront experience

Ti Gong

An official from the West Bund Development Group presents the services available at petrol stations along the West Bund seafront.

Residents and tourists are encouraged to enter train stations while walking or cycling along the waterfront to view exhibits on the history of the West Bund, which was once home to many of the city’s earliest industries.

Meanwhile, 18 neighborhood centers have also been developed across Xuhui so that residents can embrace their community.

Many activities are organized in these centers, including discussions with top scientists, photo exhibitions on local development and volunteer services.

A flagship center in the Tianping sub-district, named the Phoenix Tree Courtyard, has been installed in the historic complex at 64 Wulumuqi Road S. The main building was built in 1932 and designed by famous architect Laszlo Hudec.

Pingtan shows, or musical tales in the Suzhou dialect, are regularly held in a tea room at the resort. The public only has to pay for tea and listen to traditional performances throughout the day. Dim sum masters also teach how to make traditional snacks.

Both types of service centers were discussed at the Shijianhui Forum, which is held regularly in the Hui Exhibition Hall of Xuhui District, with experts, community staff, volunteers and residents sharing their experiences and practices. in terms of voluntary services.

Six public lectures were held offline and online to showcase 25 volunteer and community services in the downtown area.

Gas stations enhance the West Bund waterfront experience

Ti Gong

Resident Representatives present the Phoenix Tree Courtyard at 66 Wulumuqi Road S.