Speaking to social media platform Reddit, the passenger, under the username @unlikely-Strategy596, began by asking: “AITA (Am I the hole**) for not giving up my seat plane so a family can be together?”

The passenger explained that he was on a commercial flight from Greece which “took about 10 hours and at this time of year it is extremely hectic”.

He explained: “I booked my ticket specifically to be closer to the front of the plane so I can be closer to the gate when it’s time to get out. Personally, I hate traveling, so I spent a little more money to be closer.”

A family reportedly approached the passenger and asked if he could change seats. He said: “Normally that would be fine with me, but changing seats would mean moving back 20 rows, which embarrasses me and I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. I rejected and said I would like to keep my seat.”

According to the passenger, the family were unhappy with their decision and the mother-of-two said they ‘were an a**hole’ and ‘should just give up the seat so she could sit down with her husband and children. .

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The passenger explained that he said to the woman, “Respectfully, ma’am, your travel problems are not my problem. I keep the place I paid for.”

They claimed the wife ‘made a scene’ on the plane but eventually took her original seat while the husband apologized for his behavior.

At the time, the passenger allegedly said, “Maybe you should have booked ahead or spent more money on tickets so you could all sit together.

“It’s not my problem. Grow up and overcome this. I’m not changing seats. End of story!”


Other Reddit users took to the comments section to share their thoughts with one saying, “NTA (not the asshole). If it was really about sitting together, why didn’t they ask people 20 rows back if they would like the best seats in the front? They would always be together.”

Another social media user commented, “Nothing wrong with asking, but they’re definitely an a**hole to make a scene.”

Another forum member explained, “I say this every time I see this question. They almost always try to get a friendly traveler to give up their expensive seat for a cheap one. The airlines never refund this either.

“Looks like my husband should be thanking you for separating him from his wife peach for that theft!” says another.

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Reddit user @sjyffl added, “I love what you said. They didn’t plan or pay so why should you back down?

It comes after another passenger recently shared on social media that he was forced to give up his plane seat for a mother and baby after paying extra to reserve a seat in the front of the plane. ‘plane.

He explained: ‘Three days before our trip we get an email that your seats have been changed to a few rows back.

“We were downgraded, but we paid extra for these seats? So naturally we were both upset and immediately called airline support which took a two hour wait.

The angry passenger was then informed that a mother and baby needed the seats he had originally reserved.

He said: “We booked these tickets months ago and they just wanted to give them to a mum and a crying baby. Plus it’s a 10 hour plane ride, it’s not like a short trip, why would this momma bring her baby anyway?

However, some passengers explained that this is common practice for the bulkheads, as in larger aircraft this is where the pod seats are located.

A social media user said: “I was a travel agent and even if someone paid to reserve these seats, we still had to tell them that there was a chance they could be changed if a relative needed the cribs. “