What time is dinner? This seemingly simple question has quite a different answer depending on where in the world you are. Thanks to Orkun Melih Köksal, who manages the Instagram account @loverofgeography, it’s easy to see how different eating habits are across Europe. The Dutch card enthusiast is only 20 years old, but he has been running his account for several years and has gained a number of followers.

“As a little kid as young as five, I always had a bit of a passion for world maps or countries,” he told My Modern Met. “I had a huge map of the world in my room. Every day when I came home from school, I kept looking at the world map in my room because it was fascinating to me while most of the other kids didn’t care. I was playing games with myself trying to find every country and city on the map. Years later when I was about 17 I saw all these mappers on Instagram and thought I could do it too but better with my own style of map and not just stolen maps on Reddit. I wanted to entertain people and educate them at the same time by making the cards more fun. »

He certainly kept his promise. With over 63,000 subscribers, Köksal stays true to its “Lover of Geography” handle and delivers fun and informative content. And, he is careful to note that each card comes with a thoughtful amount of research. For example, to create his lunchtime infographic, he consulted several sources.

First, he turned to Google and researched dinner times for each country. He then turned to his followers and asked 20 people from each country what time they dined. After comparing the answers he received with those from Google, he got his average time.

All his work naturally begins with his own curiosity. For example, the dinner infographic was born when he noticed that Spanish exchange students marveled at how the Dutch dined early. While at the same time he knew that Dutch expatriates in Spain found it strange to eat so late. This personal knowledge then turned into a wonderful design that sparked many conversations from its followers.

This is just one of the many fascinating facts he brings to light through his informative maps. Geography and culture buffs will also appreciate how often he posts so there’s always something new to learn.

Lover of Geography is a fun Instagram account run by map lover Orkun Melih Köksal.

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My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos from Lover of Geography.

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