The Fort Dodge Community School District Education Council is not taking any action anytime soon to mandate COVID-19 vaccines on staff or to rename the district’s early years center.

Both topics were tabled by the board at its Monday night meeting, with little discussion.

The first was about reading and adopting OSHA’s Federal Mandatory Employee Immunization Policy, which would require all school employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or wear face coverings at all times. and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test every seven days.

“It was a smooth process”, said school board president Stu Cochrane. “At this point, it does not appear that the vaccine policy promulgated by the federal government and OSHA is being implemented statewide. “

On Friday, Iowa Labor Commissioner Rod Roberts announced that Iowa would neither pass nor enforce the federal mandate.

Cochrane noted that the issue of the vaccine mandate is a fluid topic, so he proposed that the board postpone the discussion indefinitely.

“This district has not chosen to make vaccination compulsory”, he said. “The only reason it was on the agenda is because it looked like we weren’t going to have an option given the status of OSHA’s mandate, but at this point we did. have. “

The council also initiated a discussion on the possible name change of the Early Years Center, which serves preschool, transition kindergarten and kindergarten students in the district.

In November, the board began discussing the possibility of renaming the ECC.

On Monday, the board voted to postpone discussion of the school’s name change.

“There are issues with the costs and potential inconvenience if we were to make this change, so we asked Dr Joel to come back to the table and consider for us what everyone might be involved in the decision if we were to. rename the Early Childhood Center ”, said Cochrane.

The school superintendent, Dr. Derrick Joel, will review any unforeseen costs or other consequences associated with the school name change.

In other cases, the school board has given a second reading of an update to the board’s policy on graduation requirements.

The new graduation requirements include changes to the required science credits. Students should now have two credits in biology, or the equivalent; two credits in chemistry, or equivalent; and two credits in physics, or the equivalent.

The board of directors approved a contract for $ 15,900 with Asset Services, of Overland Park, Kansas, for a complete inventory of fixed assets. Brandon Hansel, executive director of financial services, said the district takes an inventory every two years to keep accurate records for insurance purposes and to comply with accounting standards.

The district also received an offer of $ 16,500 from Asset Works, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Bill Kent, Board Member, has been appointed to sit on the Webster County Conference Board.

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