Cuban vessel stopped by the US Coast Guard 23 miles south of Florida on May 1, 2022. All aboard were repatriated to Cuba on May 4 (USCG photo)

(CNS): As the number of Cubans trying to leave communist Cuba increases, Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control (CBC) says seven more men arrived in Cayman Brac around 8:15 a.m. Sunday morning on board of a ship. For reasons not stated by officials, all of the men disembarked the boat and were treated in accordance with protocols established by CBC.

No comment was made on their state of health. CBC now has 163 Cuban migrants in its custody after a steady stream of arrivals since the start of the year.

In the past two months alone, a dozen makeshift boats have arrived in local waters carrying Cubans who have chosen to disembark. Most of them land in Cayman Brac, the Cayman Island closest to Cuba, or in East End on Grand Cayman.

The significant increase in the number of ships arriving worries Radio-Canada. Director Charles Clifford says authorities are planning mass migration Emergency plan in the event that the numbers continue to rise and to help mitigate the impact on relevant government agencies.

Clifford also confirmed that his agency or coastguard officials will not intercept boats carrying migrants at sea as the International Convention on the Treatment of Refugees requires that men and women on board be treated equally. as if they had landed.

However, the US Coast Guard routinely returns Cubans intercepted at sea to Cuba. According to the Miami Heraldsince October 1, 2021, the USCG has arrested 1,556 Cuban migrants.