From nervous travelers to those traveling with children, sitting together can be a top priority. Many airlines now charge passengers for “seat selection”, which not only includes things like extra legroom or priority boarding, but even goes so far as to decide whether you can sit next to them. of your traveling companions or not.

However, vacationers can use some tricks to get seats together for free.

Jessie Moore, founder of the luxury travel blog Pocket wanderings (@PocketWanderings) spoke to to reveal the “best way” to do this.

She explained: “By far the best way to gather seats without having to pay is to check in online as soon as it opens.”

This is especially true for airlines that offer online check-in, which means you can confirm your place on the flight before you even arrive at the airport.

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However, the longer you leave it to check in, the more likely the seats will start to fill up, reducing your chances of being seated together.

Some airlines, such as British Airways, even allow passengers to select the seat of their choice for free if they check in within 24 hours of departure.

Others, like easyJet, may not give you a choice, but tend to place fellow travelers together.

Jessie continued: “Despite the suggestion that airlines will split your party if you don’t pay for seat selection, they will generally try to keep you together – if availability is there.

Jessie added: “You should also be aware that some airlines guarantee that children under the age of 12 will be seated next to at least one adult in your party, while other airlines make every effort to ensure that this is the case.”

However, there is an exception for airlines. Jessie explained: “The only exception to this is Ryanair, which makes it extremely difficult for you to sit with your party without paying.”

Ryanair offers a seat selection option for customers or free random assignment. The airline’s website explained: “With reserved seats, you can choose to select and purchase a seat when booking online, through the My Reservations section or when checking in online.

“Customers can select and purchase their preferred seat online from the time of booking up to two hours before each flight booked. For added convenience and peace of mind, customers can check in for 60 flights days before both departure flights by purchasing a seat or if they have a Flexi Plus ticket.Customers can choose where they want to sit and choose to sit together if traveling with a group.

If you choose not to purchase a seat, you can check in 48 hours before each departing flight for reservations made before January 28, 2021 and 24 hours in advance for reservations made on or after January 28, 2021, and a place will be assigned to you (free of charge).”

If sitting together is a top priority, but you think your airline is likely to split the party up unless you pay, Nicky Kelvin, head of The Dots Guy UKsuggests making plans ASAP.

He previously told “While having seats together on a plane is a top priority, it’s essential to book your flights as far away as possible.

“This ensures that there are still plenty of seats available together before the plane starts booking with other passengers.

“If you end up booking at the last minute, I recommend calling the airline directly to see if there are any open seats not visible online.

“A lot of times airlines block certain rows, so there’s a good chance there will still be seats available for you and your children if you ask for them.”