However, despite the drift home of those living abroad and the post-Brexit implications for millions of people, Covid-19 has done little to alleviate the ambitious nature of the expat lifestyle. .

The appetite for the experience of living abroad has increased, with almost a quarter (23%) of those currently based in their home country expressing a desire to relocate. Thirty-five percent of local employees cited better job opportunities and better career paths as the main reason, along with other key motivations including a desire to broaden their cultural experiences (35 percent) as well as ” learn new skills (27 percent).

The survey also found that although expats reported higher wellness scores than local employees, HR and business leaders should prioritize adequate overall health support systems for the workplace. expatriate workforce in a context of pandemic fatigue and uncertainty about the future.

Eighty-nine percent say they suffer from stress compared to 81 percent of residents – family finances (30 percent), lack of job opportunities (24 percent) and education (16 percent). cent) being at the top of the list of concerns.

Expats report strong resilience

Of the working expats surveyed who have lived abroad for one to two years, only 47 percent believe they can maintain their current standard of living and less than half (44 percent) say they have sufficient financial security to provide for the needs of their families. in case of emergency.

Almost a third (30%) of all expats who are considering moving home cite future finances as one of their top concerns. Despite this, almost half (45%) of expats reported strong resilience, compared to 37% of local employees living in their home country.

Arjan Toor, CEO of Cigna Europe, said: “As these people continue to face challenges such as travel restrictions and financial worries, it is essential that organizations provide the necessary support to expatriate employees as they move forward. ‘they adjust to their new work and home life.

Whether it’s helping inexperienced expatriate professionals settle in a new country or providing long-term expatriates with ongoing support to deal with stress, supporting their health as a whole should be a key priority so that we are inaugurating different ways of living and working. “

However, according to a survey by global health insurer Aetna International, three-quarters of expats are anxiously waiting for things to get back to normal.