Hi there,
I hope everyone is safe and sound. I’ve never posted here before, in fact I never post anywhere out of my general shyness on the internet, but wondering if anyone knows of any young, unconventional expats in the Charente/Dordogne region? We have been living where we have been for over a year (and in France in general since 2016 apart from a year in Spain/PT), but partly because of Covid and partly because of working from home etc., we haven’t met anyone in our new area. Apart from our adorable French neighbor! I was hit with mega homesickness and would get up and fly back to Wales/Ireland tomorrow if I could atm (probably as good as I can’t). We’re super isolated and it really becomes a struggle. I’m technically in my early 40s but I have a younger demeanor; my husband is a bit older than me. I have a son but he is in the UK; he has just finished his studies and now lives with friends. We don’t do social media for various reasons, and since I’ve had a chronic illness since childhood, we still can’t go out due to Covid everywhere. Really, I’m just wondering if there’s anyone in the lower corner of the Charente who might be up for a chat or a meet somewhere outside.
Thank you all for your time, and I wish everyone a pleasant weekend.