Mangaluru: The timely assistance of former Karnataka NRI Forum Vice President Arathi Krishna and expatriates in Kuwait helped rescue a 38-year-old man from Karkala, who was mentally and physically tortured by his sponsor in Kuwait.
Jayesh Bangera, 38, a resident of Sanoor in Karkala, Udupi, had traveled to Kuwait on a domestic work visa in March. He was forced to work in extreme heat for 15 to 16 hours a day, with little food and no pay. He was assigned to work on a farm, where he had to take care of animals, on the outskirts of Kuwait. After being physically and mentally harassed, he escaped from the farm and went to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. However, officials did not respond positively to him. He then contacted Roshan Kumar Poojary, one of the members of Kuwait Tulukoota, and expatriate Mohandas M Kamath. Mohandas contacted Arathi Krishna. She then contacted the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Sibi Georges, and was able to arrange a plane ticket for Jayesh. “When Jayesh arrived at the embassy in Kuwait, the staff did not entertain him and asked him to leave. With no help in hand, he stood outside in the scorching heat. He told embassy staff that he could not return because his life was in danger. I immediately called the ambassador and asked him to send him back to India, using a welfare fund. Welfare fund is a fund that is used for such rescue operations, where the victims can repay the same after returning home,” said Arathi Krishna, and demanded that the NRI forum in Karnataka be strengthened. .
Jayesh said he has worked in Dubai for almost a decade. He lost his job during the pandemic. A friend of his, Sachin, a resident of Sringeri, told him about a vacancy in Kuwait, and he immediately accepted it. “Sachin did not respond to me when I explained my difficulties in Kuwait,” said Jayesh, who arrived in Mumbai on Monday evening and will return home to Karkala by bus.