Planned road extension area

(CNS): Prime Minister Wayne Panton said the government is moving ahead with the extension of the east-west arterial as it will reduce traffic congestion in the eastern districts and it remains a priority absolute of the PACT. Despite the controversies surrounding this road, which threatens central mangrove wetlands directly from its route and indirectly as it will open up more areas of the island to development, Panton said the road is long overdue.

An environmental impact assessment has just begun on the most controversial stretch of the EWA, from Woodland Drive to Frank Sound Road, where the project poses the greatest environmental threats. In addition to natural habitat concerns, particularly mangroves, there is potential for the road to cause major flooding to existing and future communities in the Bodden Town area.

Panton said traffic congestion negatively impacts many people every day of the week and he pledged to build the extension, although he agreed that solutions to Grand Cayman’s growing traffic problems are not only found in more and more roads.

“The expansion of road infrastructure is needed and long overdue, and we are committed to completing the East-West Artery as soon as possible to improve the quality of life for thousands of Caymanians who live in the Eastern Districts. “said the Prime Minister, who is also Minister for Sustainability and Climate Resilience.

“As we have said before, we intend to take a holistic approach and a long-term view of ground traffic and transport. Improving our road infrastructure where it is strategically needed, transforming our public transport system, reducing the number of cars imported each month and encouraging new behaviors, such as carpooling and increased use of buses, are all part of a bigger picture,” he said. .

But so far none of the non-road solutions have emerged and the government remains focused on road works to relieve bottlenecks, particularly at the Grand Harbor roundabout, which will not be alleviated by the road. EWA.

Work has now begun to extend the number of lanes on the Linford Pierson Freeway from the Agnes Way roundabout to Bobby Thompson Way and Smith Road.

Infrastructure Minister Jay Ebanks said work is progressing well on the first phase of the east-west thoroughfare with work underway from Hirst Road to the east of Woodland Drive. “Concurrently, we are working on the environmental impact assessment process for phase two, which will inform the design and construction of Woodland Drive to Frank Sound Road,” he said.